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On 1st July 2019 Norwegian Financial Instrument 2014–2021 period programme "Correctional Services" pre-defined project "Establishment of Training centre infrastructure and model prison blocks for training opportunities in the Olaine prison territory" implementation contract was signed.

Project goal is to build new infrastructure appropriate for the needs of the Correctional Service training, with the construction of the Training centre, and envisioning the construction of the open prison block, thus providing comprehensive training practice opportunities within the territory of the Olaine prison (Latvian Prison Hospital).

Project implementation duration: until 30th April 2024.

Total project funding: 14 073 529 EUR.

Main Project activities:

1. Construction of Training centre and open prison block;
2. Development of normative acts;
3.Approbation of staff training programmes;
4. Project management and publicity.


Working together for a safe and inclusive Europe.


The mentor training programme has been completed

Presentation of Project Research results

Work on the mentor training programme development continues

The implementation of the project is continuing during the declared emergency situation

Mentor training programme development has begun

The Visit of Norwegian partners in Riga

Procurement for the design, supervision and construction of the Training Center building and open prison block has been announced.

Experience exchange visit to Norway

 The implementation of the Norway Grants programme "Correctional Services" project has started