During September, October and November of 2022, Latvian prison officials went on experience exchange visits to Romerike prison in Norway within the new Training Centre project framework.

The visits were organized with the aim to get acquainted with the practice of Norwegian partners in the implementation of the mentoring system, thus ensuring further training of the Latvian Prison Administration mentors and successful adoption of the mentor training program.

The Director General of the Latvian Prison Administration Dmitrijs Kalins, emphasizes: "Effective punishment enforcement policy can only be implemented by qualified and psychologically stable personnel, therefore one of our priorities is the professional development of personnel. That is why, with support of the Norway grants, we have developed a mentor training program. In order to successfully transfer the knowledge of our experienced and professionally highly qualified mentors, it is very important to learn exactly the right tools and methods for transferring this knowledge and skills to students. Furthermore, it is very important to give our officials the opportunity to get acquainted with Norwegian colleague experience, which is not only an invaluable benefit in promoting the understanding of the application of new work methods, but also a new experience and a source of inspiration!"

Officials have appreciated the experience exchange visits, especially highlighting the opportunity to expand professional horizons by getting to know the work of the Norwegian Correctional Services, visiting Romerike closed prison with the highest security level, getting to know the work of mentors, as well as the work of contact persons with prisoners. The opportunity to participate in training sessions together with mentors from Norwegian prisons was very valuable.

Additional information:

Within the framework of the Latvian Prison Administration new Training Centre project, a training program for mentors is being implemented in order to provide prison personnel with an education appropriate for modern sentence execution, as well as to promote personnel professional development. During the trainings, mentors improve professional competences necessary for managing the qualification traineeship for the LPA Training Centre students, who study the professional further education program "Prison Guard".

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You can learn more about the Norway Grants 2014-2021 period programme by visiting www.norwaygrants.lv

The Latvian Prison Administration project "Establishment of Training centre infrastructure and model prison blocks for training opportunities in the Olaine prison territory" No. 1-6.4/2-2019 is implemented within the framework of the Norway Grants 2014–2021 period programme "Correctional Services".