The implementation of the Norway Grants programme "Correctional Services" project has started

On 1st July 2019 the Norway Grants 2014–2021 period programme "Correctional Services" pre-defined project "Establishment of Training centre infrastructure and model prison blocks for training opportunities in the Olaine prison territory" implementation contract was signed.

The Project goal is to create a modern infrastructure and content for the training of the Latvian Prison Administration and the State Probation Service personnel – with the aim to prepare them for modern sentence execution. Within the framework of the Project, it is planned to construct a new Training centre in the territory of the Olaine Prison. There will be an opportunity for the correction system personnel without prior knowledge, who are just starting to work in the correction system, as well as for the industry professionals to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in the Training centre. The training programme will consist of modules giving the correctional system personnel a possibility to learn about the modern punishment execution.

The content of the Training centre programmes will be prepared within the framework of the European Social Fund programme "Growth and Employment" prioritised direction "Social inclusion and combating poverty" 9.1.3. specific support goal "To increase the efficiency of the resocialization system" project No. "Raising the efficiency of resocialization system"

Within the framework of the Project, it is planned to build an open prison facility, thereby Olaine prison infrastructure will become a place of practice for newly recruited correctional staff.

The following 4 (four) project activities define the objectives and tasks set in the Project:

  1. Construction of Training centre and open prison block;

Within the framework of the activity, the buildings of the Training centre and open prison block will be constructed in the territory of Olaine Prison. In the course of the activity the area adjacent to the prison will be improved, the documentation required for the construction will be prepared, as well as the construction supervision will be provided and the equipment for the operation of the Training centre and the open prison block will be procured.

  1. Development of normative acts;

It is planned to develop normative acts within the framework of the activity, including the internal regulations related to the activities of the Training centre. Also, it is planned to conduct the experience exchange visits to Norway and the European Union countries about the development of the regulatory framework and to organize visits to Latvia for the Project partners – University College of Norwegian Correctional service and Romerike Prison.

  1. Approbation of staff training programmes;

Within the framework of the activity, there will be provided the training of the Training centre staff, participation in conferences abroad, research on the quality of life of prisoners and prison staff in prisons as well as the training of mentors in prisons.

  1. Project management and publicity;

Within the framework of the activity, the Project management group will be created that will be providing Project management of the daily work – implementation, coordination and supervision of the Project activities.

Project partners:

  1. Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Service (more information here: http://www.kriminalomsorgen.no/information-in-english.265199.no.html );
  2. University College of Norwegian Correctional service (more information here: http://www.krus.no/about-us.5194157-287935.html);
  3. Romerike Prison (more information here: https://romerikefengsel.no/ );
  4. NGO "Wayback" (more information here: https://www.wayback.no/ ).

The total funding for the project is 14 073 529 EUR, of which the Norway Grants accounts for 85% or 11 962 500 EUR, and the Latvian state budget is co–financing 15% or
2 111 029 EUR. The Project implementation period is from 1st July 2019 to 30th April 2024. The place of Project implementation – Olaine prison territory and the Latvian Prison Administration central board.

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