On 6th July 2020 the results of Project Research were presented to the Latvian Prison Administration management and other invited persons. 

From 19th February 2020 until 19th June 2020 within the framework of Project 3.2.1.activity “Research” there was carried out a Research regarding imprisonment place staff satisfaction with the Training centre and its organized trainings, as well as the existent preconceptions about infrastructure as a factor that impacts training process. Within this Research, 200 persons were surveyed and the compiled data – analysed, to prepare the report about the results of the Research.

The majority of the surveyed staff believe that infrastructure plays a large role, thus it is necessary to update it – which in turn would help to improve the training process. At the same time, when asked to evaluate the Training centre and its organized trainings, the majority of respondents gave positive evaluation.

Major thanks to all the participants of the Research for taking the time to fill out the survey.

Working together for a safe and inclusive Europe.

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The Latvian Prison Administration project "Establishment of Training centre infrastructure and model prison blocks for training opportunities in the Olaine prison territory" No. 1-6.4/2-2019 is implemented within the framework of the Norway Grants 2014-2021 period programme "Correctional Services".